Services of Steven Morris Music & Sound


Hire me to compose original music for your next project! I enjoy working with various types of media and will be happy to talk to you and help you create your vision.

French Horn Tambourine Ukulele Rhodes Mark II


I can also make creative arrangements. I can change the genre or add or subtract instruments in a new and original recording of an existing piece of music for your project.

Fender Stratocaster Dave Smith Instruments MoPho Latin Percussion Congas Korg MS2000B


If you need ambient soundscapes for your video game or film project, I can help! Utilizing my various synthesizers, effects, and even my handy field recorder, I can help you create the perfect mood for your project

Field Recording Eurorack Modular Field Recorder Recording Liquid

Sound Effects

Do you need original sounds for your project? I can make the perfect blip, bleep, or bloop for your new app with my modular synthesizer. I can also make all kinds of complex sounds and sequences of sounds. If you need some more realistic sounds, I can always get creative with my micrphones and recording equipment!

Modular Synthesizer Fretless Bass Slide Gutiar Hi-hats

Contact Me if you are interested in or have questions about my services.