About Steven Morris Music & Sound

What I do

My name is Steven Morris and I make music and sound. I have been playing and recording music for over 10 years. I do commission work for music and sound and also post recordings of video game music covers and synthesizer compositions onto My YouTube Channel.

Koto Acoustic Guitar Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Fender Precision Bass


I play various instruments including guitar, bass, keyboards, and all kinds of percussion. My philosophy is to appreciate every genre of music and try to learn what I can from those that I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to. Jazz harmony and synchopation are two of my favorite things about music.

Melodica Rhodes Electric Piano Aulos Alto Recorder Stratocaster

Sound Design

I have been using synthesizers and field recordings to create various sounds and sound effect. I love to imagine sounds and create them with my Eurorack modular synthesizer. I also enjoy recording and using found sound in musical and ambient ways.

DSI Tempest MS2000 MoPho with Modular Triangle

Video Game Music

Video game music is one of my favorite types of music. I like it because it is part of an interactive media, allowing a player's interaction to alter the music. I have been extremely influenced by the multitude of genres that video game music composers used in the games I grew up with.

Steven Morris Field Recording

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